Nicolle Merrill

Career Coach Nicolle Merrill

“Five years from now, over one-third of skills (35%) that are considered important in today’s workforce will have changed.” – World Economic Forum, The 10 Skills You Need to Thrive in the Fourth Industrial Revolution

Rumor has it the robots are coming to take our jobs. But no need to panic – the future of work belongs to the people who understand how to communicate with flair. You’re here now so you’re already on the right track.

Careers are no longer linear. Career paths are being disrupted and remixed across industries. The successful are those who learn to adapt and upskill. They know how to communicate their experience and skills to future employers. They know how to persuade. They approach the job search with ideas and know how to hustle.

I teach people how to do all of the above. I help professionals develop resilience in the face of ambiguous career paths while ensuring they stand out in their next job search.

I’m relentlessly curious about people. Throughout my non-traditional career, I’ve sought to understand people across borders and organizations. As an international MBA career coach at Yale School of Management, I’ve helped hundreds of professionals, from students to executives, take their careers in new directions. I’ve helped professionals land positions at leading companies like Google, Amazon, Bain and BCG as well as startups and nonprofits. Using insights and feedback from conversations with top employers across industries, I break down the chaos of the job search and deliver creative solutions to help people stand out in crowded fields.

Now I bring all that advice and strategy to the curious masses through fast-paced talks and interactive workshops. I’ll woo your audiences with ridiculous stories and helpful perspectives. I create experiences that leave audiences with the confidence to take action.

I love a good story. Get in touch and tell me yours.

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