Podcast Guest
Book Nicolle as your next podcast guest. She speaks on the future of work, upskilling, and how to navigate artificial intelligence and automation in the workplace.
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I love good conversations

and podcasts.

I translate the hype about the future of work into practical advice people can apply to their careers now.


Through storytelling and research, I share the many ways your audience can learn new skills, make bold professional changes, and adapt to a workplace that’s quite different from our parent’s generation.


If your audience is curious about the future of work, I’m your ambassador to it all.

Give your audience updated career advice that prepares them for our new world of work.

I’m a conversationalist at heart. And I love to teach. I cover a range of subjects.

How to adapt to the future of work and new technology like artificial intelligence in the workplace


How to choose a bootcamp, online program, certificate or degree program to upskill


Navigating layoffs and career uncertainty during a recession


Upskilling into future-proof roles


Working remotely and standing out in a competitive remote job search

I’m also a podcast host just like you.

My podcast is in the middle of an identity crisis. Prior to COVID, I interviewed guests about career changes and how to learn new skills.

Then the pandemic hit as well as mass layoffs. People need a lot of help navigating the career chaos. So now I focus on helping people navigate layoffs.

Learn more at www.50conversations.com

Good conversations deserve to be shared.