Punch Doubt
Four-time (and counting) career changer Nicolle Merrill excels in professional reinvention. Her human-centered approach to career change, combined with a relentless curiosity about emerging career trends, has led to speaking engagements across the US, as well as in Canada and Ireland.
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Career advice, upgraded

Are robots really taking our jobs? How do we keep our skills updated as the world of work changes? How do we change careers if we don’t know where we’re headed?

Punch Doubt in the Face: How to upskill, change careers, and beat the robots tackles these questions head on. Get updated career advice for our new world of work, learn how to reinvent yourself, and find your next professional adventure.

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Punch Doubt in the Face is the salted caramel of career management books. It’s readily available, delicious, and mandatory reading. While it paints a candid picture of current and future work, this is no tome of gloom and doom. The overarching call to mine your curiosity to become a more agile worker is inspiring and actionable. I felt like she read my diary and used it to slay my dragons.

Allegra M. Sinclair
Founder and Chief Encouragement Officer,
Your Giant Within Coaching

The days of sticking with a single career path until our golden years of retirement are gone. In the last ten years, the world of work has changed significantly. But the career advice you’ve been given since you were a kid hasn’t.


Enter Nicolle Merrill, four time (and counting) career changer, professional reinventor, and author. In Punch Doubt in the Face: How to upskill, change careers, and beat the robots, Nicolle translates the future of work into a roadmap to a better career and professional empowerment.


Grounded in her belief that our careers are like a Choose Your Own Adventure book—full of possibilities, new paths, and the occasional surprise—Nicolle helps readers evaluate their careers like mini-futurists. You’ll discover a new career that fits your lifestyle, learn how to attain the skills needed to thrive in the workplace of the future, and go on a professional adventure or two—regardless of your age or your industry.


Read this book. Your future self will thank you.

Powerful and playful, this book encourages us to both laugh and learn— exploring ways to evolve our careers and pursue fulfilling life paths.

Joan Palmiter Bajorek,
Founder of Women in Voice

Career changes are a series of small decisions and steps forward. In the spirit of Choose Your Own Adventure books, my book contains an interactive dystopian workplace story. In it, you’re a character who’s bored to death in their mediocre job. Your task is to make a series of small decisions to make a change and beat the algorithms along the way.


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Rarely do we see such a witty, honest, candid look at the ups and downs of navigating today’s complex job market and “career” journey. I’ve never been one for chess, but with the right attitude and an understanding of the true state of play, Nicolle makes it clear we can all take charge of the board, play to our strengths, develop new ones, and thrive in the workplace of the future…starting NOW.

Mhorag Doig
Founder of Harbour84

Punch Doubt in the Face cleverly combines trend data, story, and practical steps to help career-changers embrace the future of work and thrive in the uncertainty. If you’re struggling with a mediocre career and are looking for some novel insight, this book is a must-read.

Marie Zimenoff
CEO, Career Thought Leaders Consortium and Resume Writing Academy