Cutting edge careers: Making the jump from virtual reality to conversation design
Four-time (and counting) career changer Nicolle Merrill excels in professional reinvention. Her human-centered approach to career change, combined with a relentless curiosity about emerging career trends, has led to speaking engagements across the US, as well as in Canada and Ireland.
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Cutting edge careers: Making the jump from virtual reality to conversation design

Listeners, we are going on an interdisciplinary adventure with this interview. This adventure starts with Jeremy’s parent’s business, takes us through his work in storytelling with virtual reality, a switch to data science via the bootcamp Metis, and ends with a deep dive into his strategy for making a career shift into a cutting edge field like conversation design. Jeremy has a knack for figuring out what he’s good at and merging it with what interests him.

Listen to this if you’re a person who’s interested in merging creative skills with tech skills or if you’re curious about what it’s like to participate in a data science bootcamp.

On how he knew it was time to make a change:

I started asking myself bigger questions and came to the realization that, you know, even though I studied some computer science in college as part of the major I created for myself, I really needed a more solid technical background. And I think that’s sort of the crux of where my current career change.

Advice for career changers:

Happiness is number one. I think that a lot of people believe that happiness follows career success especially in the United States. That’s something that I thought for a long time, that I have to accomplish X, Y, and Z , and then I’m going feel so good. But there are many studies that show that happiness actually predicts career success, it doesn’t come after the career. I’ve also noticed in my best day-to-day work, especially if it’s something like creative writing, that comes when I’m happy. If you’re considering a career change or you’re currently going through one make sure that you’re giving your mental, emotional, and physical health at the time of day in effort to be happy. In the end it doesn’t really matter what you’re doing, it matters how you feel about it. That feeling about it is why a lot of people are pursuing pursue career change. That’s why I did it.

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