Laid off: Rejecting shame and finding solidarity after a layoff
IT's time to talk about layoffs. Here's how to figure out what's next after being laid off.
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Laid off: Rejecting shame and finding solidarity after a layoff

It’s time to talk about layoffs

We are in an unprecedented time in the US. As I write this, 16 million Americans have been laid off. Those numbers dwarf anything that we saw in the 2008/9 recession. I also find myself in that group of numbers as I was recently laid off from my job as a conversation designer for a conversational AI startup. So I’m joining the ranks of job seekers looking for work. It’s an odd position to be in – a career expert with a new book who has recently been laid off. It’s an identify shift for sure.

I’ve started following the layoff news. Seeing how layoffs are cutting across industries, business, and geographies, it’s clear that we are not in normal times. Normally, people experience a layoff and fade into the background, destined to a slog through a job search aloe. Often there’s a lot of shame associated with layoffs.

It’s time we change that. There is no shame with layoffs. And with so many people being laid off due to coronavirus, people who have been recently laid off need a community and support. There are loads of groups working to help people who have been laid off. I’m joining the

I’ve shifted focus on my podcast to help those who have just been laid off. For the near future, I’ll be producing regularly podcasts episodes on how to navigate a layoff.

In the podcast, I’ll coach you through the process of getting back on your feet after a lay off. I’ll cover everything from how to figure out your next steps after being laid off, to building your resume after a layoff, to learning new skills for a career transition after being laid off.

In each episode, you’ll find a list of resources, from lists of companies that are still hiring in coronavirus times, to helpful layoff perspectives I’ve found around the interwebs,, to paycheck assistance updates for different industries. I’ll also share free or low cost career resources to help you get back on your feet after a layoff.

I’m also collecting stories from layoffs. If you’ve just been laid off or you’re anxious about a layoff, you can share your thoughts here.

If you’ve just been laid off, or you are worried about being laid off, check out the new series: Laid Off. The first episode is above. Give it a listen and then subscribe in the usual places: Apple podcasts, Spotify, and Stitcher.

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